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    It has been said that once you experience Hong Kong, it will stay with you forever. Hongkongers welcome travellers from different cultures and celebrate the traditions that make us who we are. Kee Wah Gifts brings together some of the city’s beloved favourites, from pastries and sweets to mooncakes and Chinese teas, in beautifully packaged gift boxes. After all, there is nothing that creates a memory quite like the taste of something delicious.

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    Ah Chung Gift Boxes

    Animal Themed Gift Boxes

    1. Panda Cookies (12pcs)
      Panda Cookies (12pcs)
    2. Panda Cookies (18pcs)
      Panda Cookies (18pcs)
    3. Mini Bus Cookies Gift Set
      Mini Bus Cookies Gift Set
    4. Penguin Cookies (18pcs)
      Penguin Cookies (18pcs)
    5. Mini Tram Cookies Gift Set
      Mini Tram Cookies Gift Set
    6. Koala Cookies (18pcs)
      Koala Cookies (18pcs)
    7. Mini Ferry Cookies Gift Set
      Mini Ferry Cookies Gift Set

    Fruit Shortcake Gift Boxes

    Sweet, spongy and with a flavourful surprise at their centre, Kee Wah’s Pineapple Shortcakes are available in five fruity flavours including pineapple, pineapple with egg yolk, pineapple with walnuts, mango and honeydew melon.

    1. Pineapple Shortcakes (9pcs)
      Pineapple Shortcakes (9pcs)
      As low as HK$92.00