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Jemima’s Kitchen Garden

As well as looking wildly beautiful, Jemima’s Kitchen Garden provides homegrown fruit, veg and herbs for our chefs. It’s made up of four quadrants including an amphitheatre sitting area for guests, trailing hops for our beer and a bee hive for honey on tap. A walk through this stunning garden is a must during your stay and if you get the chance, speak to our gardens team who can explain the ethos behind it.

Walkway through Jemima's Kitchen Garden
Jemima's Kitchen Garden Flowers
Circular walkway in Jemima's Kitchen Garden

Working with Wildlife

Jemima’s Kitchen Garden follows a permaculture ethos and protects wildlife. For example, one section provides shelter for birds, homes for beneficial insects such as dragonflies and hopefully a spawning place for frogs and other predatory animals. This will help with keeping the natural balance and lowering pests in the garden.

Learn more about the different sections of the garden with our Gardens Supervisor and designer of Jemima’s Kitchen Garden, Abby Evans, on our blog.

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Estate to Plate

The new kitchen garden was a collaboration between our gardeners and chefs. Our talented gardeners grow produce meaning our chefs can create seasonal dishes, with the freshest ingredients. The best bit? Growing the healthiest, tastiest food goes hand in hand with creating the best conditions for wildlife. Pollinating bees and other insects and natural predators can flourish as a natural biological control for pests, just as nature designed them to be.

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Garden to Glass

The Glasshouse Bar cocktail menu was created based on the sustainable homegrown leaves, berries and fruits that thrive under the watch of our gardeners in Jemima’s Kitchen Garden. The garden also includes trailing hops for our homemade Grove beer.

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